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முசிறி தேர்வு நிலை பேரூராட்சி

Cleanliness drive: Every visit to toilet earns 10 paise

Posted by musiri on July 2, 2008

Rural India is awash in a sanitation revolution

Rural India is awash in a sanitation revolution

Tiruchi: In a bid to encourage people in the lower middle-class to use toilets, the Society for Community Organization and People’s Education (SCOPE), has come up with the idea of paying residents using toilet facilities. The urine collected from Saliyar Street in Musiri, a small town near Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu, also goes for research to test its efficacy as a fertilizer.
All a person needs to do is flash his/her user card after using the toilet and get a tick mark against the particular date to indicate that he or she should be paid 10 paise for the visit. Residents are given user cards and paid on a monthly basis; most families make upto Rs 30 at the end of each month — provided they’ve emptied their bladders into the pot a sufficient number of times each day.
It’s a win-win situation for the university which now readily gets pure urine in sizable quantities for research — on an average, about 250 litres. According to C Ponniah, professor, Department of Soil and Crops, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Killikulam in Thoothukudi, application of urine as liquid fertilizer for paddy could reduce fertilizer cost by 25% for farmers.
“Urine contains nitrogen in the form of ammonia, which is most suitable for crops”, said Ponniah. TNAU is carrying out the research, funded by the Netherlands-based group WASTE, on a plot located near the toilets. The site is divided into 30 plots and paddy crop is raised in the area with varying dosages of urine. The crop condition is being monitored closely and developments under various parameters are being recorded.

SOURCE : Sulabhenvis


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