Musiri Selection Grade Town Panchayat

முசிறி தேர்வு நிலை பேரூராட்சி

India, Tamil Nadu: city pays residents to use toilet

Posted by musiri on July 9, 2008

On 7 July 2008, CNN (and several other media) reported about the town of Musiri in Tamil Nadu, that “has hit upon a unique idea to teach its residents proper hygiene: pay them money each time they use the toilet. Users can make up to $0.14 a month to relieve themselves in a specially constructed toilet”. […] “The government-backed program serves two purpose: It encourages people to discard age-old practices of urinating and defecating in the open, leading to diseases. And the waste product goes into research to test their effectiveness as fertilizers”.

The scheme started on the festive day of Pongal (Tamil harvest festival) on 15 January 2008. Users are paid ten paise per visit to the Ecosan Community Compost Toilet (ECCT) in Saliyar Street in Musiri.  The payment is made, on a monthly basis, to all card-holders who use the ECCT. Said to be the first ECCT in the country, it was officially opened by the Society for Community Organisation and Peoples Education (SCOPE) in April 2006.



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