Musiri Selection Grade Town Panchayat

முசிறி தேர்வு நிலை பேரூராட்சி

An update on Ecosan work in India

Posted by musiri on October 19, 2009

  1. We are in the process of supporting I I T Delhi for nutrient recovery project for developing complete process for converting liquid urine in to the crystalline form.
  2. We are in the final stage of supporting SCOPE for demonstration of ecosan toilet in a govt. middle school at Musiri, Trichy.
  3. Comprehensive evaluation of Tamilnadu ecosan project will be taken up shortly.
  4. Last batch of training of CCDU officials have been completed . This year total 5 batches got training on ecosan.
  5. Tamilnadu ecosan network has been formed and they are working on compiling their work on ecosan in Tamilnadu.
  6. Important case studies on ecosan are being documented  and will be ready by next month in electronic form.
  7. Centre for science and environment is conducting training for 16 batches of municipal engineers on urban  sustainable technologies and Ecosan has been included as one.
  8. Separate session on ecosan event planned for annual water forum to be organized at Kolkata from 28-30 th october.



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